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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can anybody from of any cast or religion can be registered on this Platform ?
A1. No. Only Vijayvargians can register them on this Platform.

Q2. Can anybody view the site and all profiles in details?
A2. This site is open for every body on the net. Detailed profiles of registered members in V2V Matrimony and V2V Sampark can only be viewed by the registered members after logging in with their Email ID and Password.

Q3. Are photographs of members necessary?
A3. Yes. Now photographs of all members in V2V Matrimony and V2V Sampark are must. Now members can upload 3 different photos of themselves for display in their profile.

Q4. Can members upload their photos whose photos are missing in their profiles?
A4. Yes. Now all members are requested to upload their photographs on the login page.

Q5. Is there any time limit for display of profiles?
A5. Yes. All profiles will be listed for 6 months. After that the members can re-submit the same, if they wish.

Q6. Are there any charges or fee for registration and display of profiles?
A6. No. Registration and display of profiles on this Platform is free. The object is to serve all our Samaj Members as much as possible.

Q7. Can members update the profiles their own?
A7. Yes. All registered members can update their profiles themselves with the help of their Email IDs and Passwords.

Q8. Can members delete the profile their own?
A8. No. For deletion of the profile, members can mail us their request from their registered email id.


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